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Raysdex RD01 Smart Digital Soldering Iron Kit

Raysdex RD01 Smart Digital Soldering Iron Kit

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Rapid Heating: This smart soldering iron is equipped with fast heating function, after startup, it can be heated up to the working temperature within a few seconds, 176℉-788℉(80℃-420℃)temperature range can be adjusted accurately according to work needs. This product is suitable for welding and repairing electronic boards, mobile phones, tablets, jewelry and other precision items. (Note: Before starting to use this product, please confirm that the automatic sleep function is turned on.)

Smart and Easy to Use: This soldering iron is equipped with a built-in intelligent chip that can provide real-time temperature compensation, precise temperature control, temperature calibration that can stable working temperature. It is also equipped with sleep mode, child lock mode, left and right-hand switching and switch measurement units function. These Intelligent functions will improve your work efficiency.
OLED Display Screen: This soldering iron is equipped with an OLED display screen, which can adjust the brightness according to needs. The working status, temperature settings, and various functional operations of the soldering iron will be clearly displayed on this display screen, making it convenient for you to read data and control the soldering iron more finely.
Adjustable Working Voltage: This soldering iron can be set to obtain any of the four working voltages of 9V/12V/15V/20V (default working voltage is 20V), and obtain the corresponding working current, power, and tin melting time under different working voltages. This function can meet the requirements of various working intensities.(Note: It is recommended to use a PD fast charging plug as the power plug for this product, otherwise it may cause insufficient power.)
Light Weight Portable: The outer shell of this soldering iron is made of metal material, with exquisite craftsmanship, small size, light weight, and can be placed in a pocket, making it very convenient to carry around and meeting the needs of going out for work.

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Mini Pocket Size, Handy for Field Repair
Ergonomic Handle Design
Silicone Material, Comfortable & Anti-Slip
Freely Adjust Temperature
Temperature Control Accuracy < 2%
Inductive Sleep Auto Shutdown

Multifunction and Multipurpose

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
John Szamosi

Mini Digital Soldering Iron Kit

Joshua Brooks
Way better than I was expecting.

Reasonable build quality, nice OLED screen. iron tips are decent quality. Iron comes with one #2 chisel tip along with the other 5 in the kit. Two of the tips are blade tips which I won't ever use.
I paired this up with a cloth braided type c cable (don't use silicone cables.. they'll work fine but with this device being in your hand, it grip and grab and snag your clothes, not safe!) And an 65w gan adapter and it really does get to max temperature in less than 10 seconds. Really impressed. Also comes with a type c to barrel adapter so you can use a 12v adapter, a lithium battery, or maybe even a 19v laptop adapter (I didn't try the laptop adapter but it may work). Used it to solder some connectors on some LMR400 coax in the field and it worked great. Highly recommended.

Bought both the Ts100 and HS-01 this one is better

This is a zero frills shouldering iron, heats faster than the ts100 and is more willing to continue to dump more watts for better or worse. No programming, no gimmicks, setting the temperature is super easy. I don’t know why anyone would want a menu and a plethora of options. If you want an iron that just works this is it. Get the one with the power supply, $10 more when I bought mine, the silicone cable is worth that alone. I let the power supply to charge my phone. I use the iron for wiring classic cars and being able to power it with my Jumper is fantastic quality of life improvement.

Johnson Kahili IV
A great tool for a great price

I purchased this item without the power supply as I planned to use this as my field fpv repair kit. The tool will run off XT60 to DC adapter (Same cable used for powering DJI goggles with Lipo/LIION packs). Off a 4s lipo, the iron gets max hot in less than ten seconds. The tips are replaceable at affordable prices and good quality. With proper use, I imagine the tips will last as long as expected. I got good run time using a 860 4s lipo, probably 30 or so min constant. i usually turn off the iron between uses since it heats up so quickly, the battery and tips will last much longer this way. The manual is easy to understand and available in a variety of languages. I recomend reading the manual before operation. There are subtle nuances that will go overlooked if you just start fooling about. For instance, the iron won't work unless you install the tip as the manual suggests and there is a ton of features, but only two buttons. Read first, it won't take long, and you won't regret it.

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